Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Finished Object: "Gray" Cabled Vest


Pattern: Gray Blue Cabled Vest from Men Who Knit and the Dogs Who Love Them, size 46-inch chest + added stitches to make a size 48-inch chest
Yarn: Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool, double stranded, 65% wool, 35% silk, color 10, 9+ hanks (I think I could have finished it with 9 hanks if I had ripped out my rather large swatch)
Needles: US size 8 (5 mm) and 10 (6 mm)
Recipient: Peter
Cat: Elly
Errata: Okay, there are a lot of errors in this pattern. I emailed my corrections to Annie Modesitt but she has not yet placed all of them on her website. So, I’ll detail the mistakes that I found here.

VestBack1.jpgChart Errors
1. Charts A and C have several rows outlined in red to indicate that those rows are worked twice. The corresponding rows on Chart B are not outlined in red but they should also be repeated.

2. Charts A and C have two sets of rows marked 1–2. The first of these rows are set-up rows for the cable pattern. Chart B does not have similar set-up rows. If you work the set-up rows in Charts A and C, be sure to add set-up rows for Chart B. Or you can omit the set-up rows in Charts A and C. However, if you do work the set-up rows remember that you do NOT repeat the set-up rows when you repeat the rest of the cable pattern.

3. There are empty boxes in Chart A, set-up row 2. The stitches are the same as the stitches below them.

4. In Chart C, Row 56 there are four stitches that are marked as purl stitches that should be marked as knit stitches. They are in the 7th, 8th, 11th, and 12th boxes from the left.

Pattern Errors
5. Front Neck Shaping: The second instruction says to “BO (#) sts at neck edge every row 3 times.” You can’t do that. You’re working back and forth. So you can only BO stitches at the beginning of every other row. (The next instructions says to “BO (#) sts at neck edge every other row,” so the first instruction is not just a typo.) To correct this, I took the total number of stitches to be bound off on the three rows, divided that number by 2 and bound off the resulting number of stitches on the next two alternate rows.

6. Front Shoulder Shaping: Instructions say to begin shoulder shaping when the fronts measure “X inches” from the start of the armhole shaping. Unfortunately, “X inches” is not equal to the measurement where the back shoulder shaping started. The value for X is wrong. I used the measurement value from the back.

7. Buttonhole Row: The number of stitches don’t add up for the two sizes that I checked. I simply made evenly spaced buttonholes.

OneRepeat.JPGComments: Despite the errors, I really liked knitting this pattern. The cables are great—each cable “repeat” is 96 rows tall. Yes, you read that correctly: ninety-six rows. Here’s a photo of the back after I finished the first “repeat.” I put repeat in quotes because the repeat is never fully repeated.

I would say more about the vest, but this post is already insanely long thanks to the errata.

But hey, designers could you avoid put colors in the names of your patterns? We all like using different colors. It’s annoying to hold up a blue vest and say, “This is the Gray Cabled Vest” and have people look at you funny.

VestWithScout.JPGScout eventually needed to get into the photo action. I love the expression on Peter’s face.


Helen said...

yeah. when patterns are named after the yarns/colours it is odd to use anything else. those darn enablers!

those cables are fab, though. not let's see tiny ones!

amylovie said...

Oooooo...is that the yarn you bought at the sale?

Peter looks very handsome.


Rachel said...

Wow, those cables just might be cabley enough for a cable fiend like you. The vest looks great on Peter. It looks like it would be great as an outdoorsy, lake house sweater. I don't see any dogs loving him, though...except there are dogs on your Flickr account. You didn't get dogs did you?

~drew emborsky~ said...

Woohoo! Looks fantastic! Great job!!

Jennifer said...

Lovely sweater! Peter looks very happy wearing it as well. Love those cables!

Mintyfresh said...

i definitely think it's shortsighted to name a pattern after the yarn color--of COURSE people are going to eventually make it in some other color!

The vest looks great. Especially over that T-shirt :)

Jeanne said...

It is gorgeous and Peter looks very happy!

s t a c i said...

Very nice. Not only is it a beautiful sweater, but it's classic enough that Peter can wear it for years to come.

You're right about the designers naming patterns after a color...it causes confusion! I knit a pattern called "Angora Baby Booties", but I wasn't sure what to call them since I made them out of cotton. Hmm.

Saltwater purls said...

hubba hubba...great vest! (oh and husband and cats)

Amy said...

That's a great vest! Love those cables.

(And is there anything sweeter than a husband and his cats?)

Obsessed with knitting said...

Well done! Maybe you should be a knitting pattern editor/test knitter?

Melissa said...

Do you know, that's a peeve of mine, too? It always makes me think that the designer churns out so many projects that they can't be bothered to name them all properly. Like, "Red Bag," or something. I mean, that gorgeous thing, and all they could come up with was, "Uhhhh - it's...a vest...with cables...and it's gray. I know! Gray Cabled Vest! Jackpot!"

Yours looks amazing, btw. I, too, am a cable fiend, and the idea of a 96-row repeat has me drooling.

Megan said...

The vest looks fantastic! The real question, though, is do you have your Morrigan yarn yet? Because now you can start that!

Gauss said...

Great vest, and your husband doesn't look too bad, either!

Desiknitter said...

Beautiful vest! I love the colour and the cables, very pretty. You are amazing for having completed the pattern with so many errors! I'm also amazed that one pattern in that book has so many errors.

knitseashore said...

The vest looks great on Peter, but I have to say I just love the cats in the photos. They totally make it! Elly looks as if she's been posing all her life just to be ready for this photo.

A pattern with errata that extensive should probably just be re-issued. You must be the soul of patience to have worked all that out.

peri said...

You do knit so beautifully Laura. That is a really nice manly vest and suits Peter well - especially the colour.

Cheesy Knit Wit said...

I love it. It looks really good on your husband.

Webbo said...

I'm so glad that the FO was worth all the pattern-fixing you did. That's a great looking vest with awesome cabling, and it suits the recipient perfectly.

Sarah said...

Love it!

And now Peter is not Imaginary to me anymore!

Or Elly...all I normally see is Scouty.

mikomiao said...

looks amazing Laura! the cable design is really neat on this. i get a little dizzy thinking about a 96 row repeat though.

great job!

Judy said...

From a fellow Austin knitter: your cabled vest is awesome! Great job!

Terby said...

Very cool cables. And cute husband! It's nice to see what Mr. Laura looks like. :)

KBlicious said...

this came out gorgeous! thank you so much for posting the errata, too. i KNEW KNEW KNEW row 56 was wrong, but i let it go. i said to myself i did the chart right, there's no errata, yada yada, had other people check it and left it. MEH. MAYBE i'll frog. doubtful. teehee. if only ravelry was around sooner!