Wednesday, October 03, 2007

A yarn for all the Eph knitters out there

Most knitters know Webs--the huge yarn store and mail-order wearhouse near that other college. Webs has its own yarn line called Valley Yarns. The names of Valley Yarns are taken from towns and cities in Massachusetts. For some time now I've been pouting because there wasn't a yarn named after Williamstown. Pouting time is over. This is how Webs describes the new yarn:
Williamstown takes it’s name from the college town in the Berkshires that tourists and natives love for the quaintness of its buildings and greenery, and the happy surprise of the sophistication that is found in those buildings. Our yarn is much the same, a seemingly straightforward wool/acrylic blend with little surprises of color in each strand. Take it with you for vacation knitting as you tour colleges or go leaf-peeping.
As soon as I find a pattern to make with this yarn I'm buying a bunch. Sadly, none of the yarns are very purple.


Omsafeeya said...

So before I clicked on the link to Webs, I imagined what I thought a yarn called Williamstown would look like. And I imagined -- tweedy. And it is. And I reckon that color 11 is pretty close to purple. But a Williamstown yarn should be all wool -- to keep warm in the very cold winter. And it should be soft, like the rolling Berkshire Mountains.
But there's an idea -- why doesn't the alumni office commission a range of purple yarns! And they could be called -- Sage, Brooks, Cole, Fitch, Lamb, Rice, Stetson, Greylock, Wood -- all buildings associated with colors!

Elizabeth said...

#14 is kind of purple, on the red side.

knitseashore said...

The names always get me, though my college is too boring to have yarn named after it. It's the "other" university in New Haven.

Williamstown is beautiful. I've meandered through there a couple of times in the fall, and Lenox has a good yarn shop!

Jennifer said...

No purple! Blasphemy.

Amy said...

nods in agreement with Jennifer. :D

But, #14 is purply...kinda.

Nell said...

You know, purple is for Amherst too! ;)

Cordelia said...

Yeah, 14 is kind of purple-y, but not enough.
But Nell has a good point about That Other School.
Maybe Webs needs some sort of gold?

GretchenX said...

Well, they do have some nice reds - I still haven't done anything with that Berocco angora I got in red. Sigh - it takes so long to knit through the stash.

Rachel said...

It's amazing how many yarn lines have a color named after my alma mater. :)

Also, I think you're being a little insulted in the yarn description. Who ever would have thunk that all them kids in them there college buildings might have some book larnin' and sophistications???