Friday, September 21, 2007

A good thing, a bad thing, and an other thing

A Good Thing

Furry, fuzzy, pink yarn! Sarah sent me some amazing pink angora. “Vintage!” she said. Apparently it is from stash that she inherited from a relative. It came in a little box and I really want to play with it. But it looks so nice in the box and (as evidenced by the messy looking ball in the lower right corner of the box) I’m unable to put the yarn back into the box as nicely as it was before. Thank you so much Sarah!


A Bad Thing

I knitted another sweater for Yarntopia. That’s not the bad thing. The yarn is yummy, the sweater is well designed, and the pattern was clear—all that was good. The bad thing was the schematic. What’s the point of this schematic? It doesn’t contain any information to make it useful! All the measurements in it could be read of the pattern. But to make a bad thing even worse: That’s not the sweater in the pattern! The schematic shows nice, feminine waist shaping. The sweater has straight sides. Sigh!


An Other Thing

I’ll bet that you thought “An Other Thing” was a typo. It’s not. My other thing is that I’m pursuing a new hobby. This week, I went back to school to take a Basics of Photography class at the Rice University School of Continuing Studies. I want to know how to use all those manual settings on my camera. I want to know how to take better photos.


As a result, I think my knitting and certainly my knit blogging will slow down over the next few months. However, I will be uploading feeble attempts at completing my class assignments on my Flickr page. I even created a new collection for the class. Each assignment will go in its own set. I can only show two photos per assignment to the class, so comments on the photos posted are welcome, appreciated, and desperately wanted.


Rachel said...

Wow. That schematic is hilarious. What a waste of space!

I think you're off to a great start with your photo class, because that needle/hook picture is great. Do your supplies really look just like that, or did you set them up special for the picture?

Hmm. You didn't really give me much to be mean about here, so it's your fault that this comment isn't funny.

Jennifer said...

A photography class! How fun! I bet you are going to learn a ton.

Very pretty pink angora! I don't think I'd be able to resist playing with it.

Elizabeth said...

I like Needles1 and Bottle2. It sounds like a fun class.

knitseashore said...

How exciting! It's hard sometimes to get the lighting just right for an FO, or the mood, and I think you're going to have fun learning all those tips. And you'll have lots more cat photos too. YAY!

Carol Ann said...

Great photo of the hooks and needles -- I'd say your class is already paying off! You're inspiring me to work on my own photo skills. I'll look forward to checking out your progress. I made a few comments on flickr but take them for what they're worth -- I'm no photographer :) Most of all, have fun!!