Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Finished Object: Birthday Socks


Pattern: Started as Alison’s ankle socks, changed to Laura’s intuitive socks, and finally morphed into variations on a heel by Joanna
KoiguLeftovers.jpgYarn: Koigu KPPPM in unknown colorway, 1 hank
Needles: 3.25 mm (US Size 3) DPNs
Comments: I had 10 g of yarn left over, I suppose I could have made taller ankle socks instead of these little footie-style socks, but I didn’t know that until I finished and by then I wasn’t about to rip the socks (again).

Who wears wool footies? I guess these seem terribly impractical, but I’ll probably just use them as bed socks.

You can see the pretty short row heels and toes here.

With Friends Like These, Who Needs Enemies?

It all started when Valerie showed me Cookie A’s socks. Now, as you know, I don’t get excited about socks, but I do always appreciate a beautiful knitting pattern—even if it’s a pattern that I’m not likely to knit. So was the case with the Cookie A patterns—I loved them.

A few weeks later, Tania mentioned that she could get printed versions of the Cookie A patterns at a discount through a co-op. “Hmm,” I thought, “printed patterns.” I don’t have a color printer, so I don’t like to purchase patterns that are primarily available as downloadable PDFs. So, I asked Tania to buy the Millicent and Twisted Flower patterns for me—just so I could have them and admire them. Certainly NOT so I could knit them.

ValSarahYarn2Fast forward to a couple of days ago. A package arrived bearing enough RED sock yarn to knit Millicent. Apparently, Valerie and Sarah have decided that I must start knitting socks. They are ignoring my constant “ho-hum” attitude toward socks. They are obviously conspiring against me. I’m sure they hate me. Okay, maybe they don’t hate me. If they hated me they wouldn’t have sent such luscious yarn in the most perfect shade of red. I love the yarn. Thank you Val and Sarah!

Don’t worry Debby, despite all this sock and sock-yarn action, I’m not going to abandon the Apathetic Sock Knitters Club! Knit on! er… Apathy on!


Jennifer said...

Yay! I love the footies.

I really want to knit Millicent too, but I'm thinking of doing it in purple. :-)

cpurl17 said...

I love those footies!

It's a slippery slope. At first you buy a few skeins of sock yarn and before you know it you're taking out a second mortgage on the home...

Rachel said...

If you abandon the club you will never hear the end of it from me. Just so you know that up front. I do admit that Millicent is a pretty rockin' sock pattern, though.

Also, what is with all this posting?? A week ago you were trumpeting that you would be abandoning your blog at the first possible opportunity, and now you can't seem to stop! Not that I'm complaining...well, yes, I'm complaining. I've come to count on you not to contribute too much to my gigantic Bloglines backlog.

Marti said...

I love footies! Long socks drive me crazy! Those are just beautiful!
And your cat is so adorable!

s t a c i said...

There is nothing wrong with wool footies. Wool is warm, but it also breathes. (I don't really see you wearing them this summer or anything, but maybe they'll be good for late fall here in Houston?)

Love the photo of Scout with the yarn. Even the floorboards lined themselves up perfectly to make this a great shot. She probably has no idea that she's so photogenic.

Knitty said...

Scout and Koigu = one perfect pic!

So cute.

Em, I love to hate you. No, I hate to love you? Nope. I just love ya!

Now, on to some sock action!

(Sarah...signed in with the wrong blogger account...)

LaBean said...

*giggle* It's ok to slip once in a while. Every so often. Over and over again :)

The yarn IS luscious... RED my favorite color. ;)

Saltwater purls said...

I love Scout and her swag! I'd like to join the ASKC. I love cookies patterns...but would I knit them...maybe, maybe not...that's apathy for you

Cordelia said...

Those *are* nice toes & heels!
And clearly you're going to use the pattern to... um... make... a scarf based on it. Yeah! That's it. Because you couldn't possibly be making socks. :-)

Terby said...

Nice socks. Wait - who are you??

I can absolutely understand falling in love with Cookie A's designs. She's doing some really fascinating work.

Debby said...

I'm so glad you put that note at the end!!! I was starting to worry...and feel lonely.

Someone sent me some pink sock yarn, and I bought what could technically be called blue/pink sock yarn, but there are enough arm and wrist warmers out there to keep me busy for a while. :) :)