Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Poor neglected blog! Poor neglected knitting! I have no excuses. Well, I do have one. My parents were visiting. But that only accounts for 5 days in the last two weeks of very little knitting and very little blogging or blog reading.

During my parents visit, I went to the Hong Kong Food Market #4 for the first time. I'm still kicking myself for not having a camera with me. Where else would I find an aisle marked "De-Ter-Gents and House Holds?" And what about that gallon jug of yellow food coloring?

A lesson learned:
People are not impressed with ummodeled knitwear. Either that or people are not impressed with stockinette. So a big, hearty THANK YOU to those of you who did comment. And thanks for all the suggestions on ways to modify the neckline. I like the idea of frog closures or clasps, but nothing will be done until I get the sweater back. If you want to see Tori modeled by something other than a hanger on a doorknob, you can look here.

Fun Fact:
Ima Hogg really, really liked azaleas.


Odd Fact:
There is a petrified tree stump in Ima Hogg's garden. I suspect that it was placed there (i.e. the tree did not originally grow in that spot), but it seems very out-of-place in the finely manicured, formal gardens.



Jeanne said...

We LOVE Hong Kong market (in HK mall right?). The fish tanks freak me out a little. The Lee's Sandwiches across the way also a favorite. You can get baguettes there as good as ANY you'll find in Paris, and cheaper too (this past weekend 4 for 2 bucks)!

Jennifer said...

DeTerGents, and Households... I'm smiling as I've been to several markets like that. :-)

knitseashore said...

Glad to see you back! I think the fact that Scout was not modeling the knitwear was the problem. :)

Mintyfresh said...

i can't believe the hoggs named her ima!! i, too, adore azaelas. tori looks great!

Terby said...

Pretty azaleas. Ours looked much nicer last week - they're a little straggly now.

I think blogging is more of an effort for me in the spring. There's just a lot more stuff to take care of.

Rachel said...

You know, it is nice to see Tori on a mannequin, but I still think the neck looks unbearably restricting. I bet it inspires people to buy the yarn, though, and that is the more important thing. (Well, maybe not to you, but to someone.)

You and I seem to have hit knitting and blogging ruts at the same time, though mine is mostly because work has been devouring me lately. I hope we both get back on track soon!