Monday, January 08, 2007

You all are . . .

. . . too kind
Thanks for the comments on Gathering Intentions. The sweater has already gotten a great deal of wearing time—and even endured it first stain. Lucky for me, the chocolate ice cream came out in one wash. Yay, for machine washable sweaters.

. . . too funny
After I expressed my desire to knit something simple, some of you recommended knitting socks. hahahaha! Ok, I could knit socks. I even looked at some of my stash sock yarn and considered knitting socks, but something much better came along.

PinwheelStartA friend of mine (ok a mostly a friend of Peter’s) is expecting a baby. Peter had told me that said friend was due in February. Over the summer I completely ignored the impending baby, thinking that February was so far off and that I had plenty of time to knit up a baby blanket.

Of course, now it’s practically February and I just learned that the friend’s doctor now thinks the baby will come early. Eep! So I began a baby blanket a little over a week ago. It’s Oat Couture’s Pinwheel Afghan again. Once again I must say that I LOVE this pattern. I could rave about all of its great qualities, but then I would be repeating myself. I said it all before.

I took this photo last week when I thought I was going to blog. But then I didn’t. I’m now nearly 5/8th of the way finished with the blanket. With any luck, I will finish this week and the blanket will arrive at the friend’s house before the baby does. This baby blanket is a dusty lavender color. I was going to knit a pink blanket, but Peter talked me out of it reminding me that the friend’s next child might be a boy. Oh well, everything can’t be pink.

SectionalOh, and the blanket is being display on part of our new sectional. What do you think? It’s big and fluffy. The dark brown bits are leather (not the dark brown pillows) and the cushions and pillows are microfiber. It’s my attempt at finding furniture that the cats can’t completely destroy.

Tune in next time for a contest. Yes you heard right. You too could win yarn! Or at least something yarn related.


Mintyfresh said...

I LOVE sectionals that have that chaise extension. I've always wanted a chaise . . .

I still say socks are good, but the pinwheel blanket better served your needs. You can't deny the socks for too long, though, girlie.

Kathy said...

I love the chaise extension on sectionals, too. It looks like a very comfy couch.

I like the blanket, too. :)

s t a c i said...

Knowing how quickly you knit, I doubt you'll have a problem meeting the baby deadline.

The sectional looks great! We finally broke down and bought furniture in the same color as our dogs. Smartest thing we've ever done. Can't see the dog hair anymore, so now I can be lazy with the vacuuming.

Rachel said...

Furniture the cats can't destroy? My dear, I think your only options are stainless steel and cement. But I wish you luck nonetheless.

I think that sofa looks great! It looks comfy and inviting without looking sloppy. (Ours manages to look the latter without looking the former, though it is actually quite comfortable.)

You're really flying through the blanket! I'm sure it'll be there in plenty of time to greet the babe.

Meredith said...

I like the couch! You'll have to update us on whether or not they're actually cat-proof though.

I'm sure you'll finish the blanket in time!

amylovie said...

Your new couch is gorgeous. Just my style.


Jennifer said...

I see an amazing kitty condo in the background! Lucky cats!

Obsessed with knitting said...

you got me hooked on the blanket when I read the previous post and saw that it involved shortrows!! I *heart* shortrows! I ordered the pattern and it was shipped yesterday.

which brown sheep are you using? wool, cotton fine? what yarn thickness? do you think knitpicks shine would work?