Friday, November 03, 2006

Happiness is . . .

. . . meeting your friends for the first time.

Last night was a spectacular night at the Central Houston SnB. I finally met two Houston knitbloggers who I have been dying to meet: Drew The Crochet Dude and Elizabeth of a Mingled Yarn. Of course, I didn't have my camera with me to take photos. Perhaps I’m not a dedicated enough knitblogger. Some day I will learn to drag my carmera wherever I go.

Drew had a surprise for me: he brought the final proofs of Men Who Knit & the Dogs that Love Them so that I could see them! The book is amazing. I can’t wait to get my own copy—I’m sure that some of the dog sweaters could be made Scout-sized.

. . . Fuzzy Feet!

Warm toes, warm heart

Pattern: Fuzzy Feet by the fabulous Theresa available at Knitty
Yarn: Patons SWS in Natural Plum (70% wool, 30% tofu), two balls
Needles: US size 11 DPN
Comments: I purposely tried not to have matching stripes on the slippers. I figured that if I tried to make them match and they didn’t match I would be much more annoyed than I would be if the stripes didn’t match at all. But look! The stripes tried as hard as they could to match up anyway.

The texture of the felted fabric looks sort of like I knit with boucle yarn. I suppose it’s the unfelted tofu soy part of the yarn. The soy part certainly didn’t interfere with the felting process. This stuff felted fast!

Some random photos:
My what big feet I have!

On Scout:
Why does she do this to me?

Yes, her paws are really in the slippers. After the last post of Scout some of you to accused me of having a stuffed cat and/or drugging poor little Scout. However, neither is true. Scout just helps me out with these photos. Sometimes. She didn’t want to put on the Fuzzy Feet at first.
I'll get you Mommy!
“STOP it Mommy! I have teeth
and I’m not afraid to use them!”


Meredith said...

Oooh, I have two balls of that stuff! I should make me some, now that it is getting slightly cool in Houston.

Karen said...

Scout! In fuzzy feet! Too cute!

Jennifer said...

I love the fuzzy feet! I'm glad to hear that the SWS works well/felts well!

helen said...

i know the feeling! I'd rather they not match at all, instead of trying to match them and they are just an ootch off. bugger.

amy said...

I love the fuzzy feet *and* the Scout pictures!

Mintyfresh said...

I love the look of abject horror on Scout's face. WHY IS SHE DOING THIS TO ME!?

It's so awesome to meet friends for the first time! What a great way to put it.

Elizabeth said...

it was awesome to meet you the other night. I love your Fuzzy Feet. funny, I've been thinking about making some of those, since when it starts to get colder I always realize I have no slippers. Nice job.

Theresa said...

I think that picture of Scout using her teeth is my favorite picture EVER!

Debby said...

Those seemed to knit up pretty fast! Scout is a good sport...maybe she just wants you to knit something for her? Since she's been a great model, and all. What's the next project?

roxy ^-o-^ said...

Me loves Scout LOL

Your Fuzzy Feet are fabulous.

More Elly & Cleo piccies!



Sarah said...

Those are the cutest Fuzzy Feet being modeled by the cutest kitty ever!


Stephanie (aka qdgirl) said...

Thanks for your birthday wishes and happy birthday to your dad, too! Your Scout is much more patient than my Zoey.

Tami said...

Love the fuzzy feet! Especially on, I think perhaps her back feet are getting chilly... Now, if only I could knit well enough to make myself some of those. It might keep my cat from thinking my feet are chew toys. (She only seems to like them bare)

s t a c i said...

You are lucky to have such a willing model! Even if things don't exactly fit her well...

Rachel said...

I think you could sell a calendar of Scout modeling different knitted objects each month.

And for those who in a recent post accused you of having a stuffed cat, I just want to say I called that LONG ago.

Jes said...

At least she stays and poses after you put it through it! My cat would run and hide under the bed, and she has teeth and claws! =)