Friday, October 13, 2006

I could be famous if I knew who these people were

As seen on Elizabeth's blog:

Who are these people?! I've heard of Marcia Cross, but that's it. And only one Asian? What's with that? I thought I looked like Lucy Liu.

That's more like it. At least I look like a chess grandmaster and two different mutants.

Regular knitting blogging to return next week, I hope. I haven't felt like writing recently.


Jes said...

Wow, this is really cool.
Marcia cross is on desperate housewives, I think, and she used to be on Melrose Place.

Calling Kahlo said...

Ali Landry is the Doritos girl who married Mario Lopez and then divorced him a few days later. Other than Marcia you got me.

It is better the second list. You got Diane Lane!

helen said...

it seems it really uses your smile and hair as determining factors. I really thought that when I saw Elizabeth's, and yours goes with it too. Hers, one pic is teeth smile, one not, and all the matches are pretty much like that as well.

Elizabeth said...

Yeah, what Helen said. Also, Bezzie got a lot with the same kinds of glasses as she was wearing.

Funny how little ethnicity effects resemblance sometimes. Some obvious things like hair color may be the same, but shape of the smile or eyebrows can transcend race or ethnicity.

I still think their computer needs more work, though.

Rachel said...

Hey, are you okay? I just wanted to make sure that the reason you don't feel like writing isn't something we need to be concerned about. I hope it's not just because you're depressed because you look like lame famous people.

Carrie K said...

And Shiri Appleby was in the series Roswell. Other than that? No idea.

There is no way I'm going to try that. I have enough complexes just looking in a mirror.

Hope it's just general blog malaise and not something more serious!

biffd said...

Laura... none of these Celebs hold a candle to you!! You are simply stunning & your smile always puts a smile on my face.